Is there a way I can remove DB migration from an ASP.NET Core project?

Is there a way I can remove migration that already added to the database? I am working on an ASP.NET CORE Project and I am using VS 3.1

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Remove Migration

Sometimes you add a migration and realize you need to make additional changes to your EF Core model before applying it. To remove the last migration, you can use the following command.

PM> Remove-Migration 

Revert Migration

If you already applied several migrations to the database but need to revert it, you can use the Update-Database command but also specify the name of the migration you want to roll back to.

PM> Update-Database LastGoodMigration 

For better understanding of EF Core Migrations Tools, check

EF Core Docs


EF Core Docs from Microsoft docs website

Answered on August 30, 2020.
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