How to get azure account tenant wise token from ASP .Net Web App

I have app with ASP .Net MVC. I need to get tenant wise subscription list from Azure service management api. This can done by ->

I can get token with ‘user_impersonation’ scope from my web app. To that token I can only get default account tenant subscription list only. But I want subscription list from another tenant that I have access from my account. Microsoft get those tenant wise token array from Its receive array of tokens for each tenant that I have access for subscriptions. Those tokens works totally fine for getting tenant wise subscription list.

MS API DOC Multi tenant Screenshot

Please refer the code that I use to get tokens.

string token = await GeAccessToken(new string[] { "" });  private async Task<string> GetAccessToken(string[] scopes) {     IConfidentialClientApplication cc = MsalAppBuilder.BuildConfidentialClientApplication();     IAccount userAccount = await cc.GetAccountAsync(ClaimsPrincipal.Current.GetMsalAccountId());      Microsoft.Identity.Client.AuthenticationResult result = await cc.AcquireTokenSilent(scopes, userAccount).ExecuteAsync();     return result.AccessToken; } 

I need to know how to get that token array from my application. How to get all Azure AD account list using token generated by user_impersonation scope on /common endpoint (same question. but there is no answer for that)

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