Firebase notifications test Production possible?

I’m working on an app that uses firebase notifications. Everything worked fine in development but for my life I can’t get it working in production on iOS. One simple thing I noticed is that in the firebase console, when you send a test notification, there is no setting for development/production. When my server sends a notification I get "Error: Invalid Registration". I have tried everything including deleting all of my certificates and profiles and building from stratch. I have checked for production settings everywhere in my code and I am out of ideas. I think firebase is just sending to the wrong apple server and there doesn’t seem to be a way of testing it inside firebase. This seems like a key component of the whole thing so maybe I am missing something obvious, like that the production/development flag is set by the registration key itself, but 1- I dont know how firebase would know that and 2- when I send a notification from my server I need to specify if sandbox is true or false. So, I get the feeling that this setting is just missing from the firebase console, and there is no way to "test" a production notification. Is this right?

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Firebase products don’t have any settings for targeting environments such as dev/test/production within a single project. The general advice from Firebase for isolation of environments is to create different Firebase projects for each environment. This gives you a clear separation between test data and production data.

I strongly suggest reading the documentation on configuring multiple projects.

Answered on August 30, 2020.
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