Codemagic iOS build fails due to firebase GoogleService-Info.plist

I am building my flutter project with codemagic for iOS. The android build works as expexted. The iOS build error:

    Xcode build done.                                           1520.2s          Failed to build iOS app     Error output from Xcode build:     ↳         ** BUILD FAILED **               Xcode's output:          [...]      error: Build input file cannot be found: '/Users/Downloads/GoogleService-Info.plist' (in target 'Runner' from project 'Runner')     note: Using new build system     note: Building targets in parallel     note: Planning build     note: Constructing build description  Encountered error while building for device.    Build failed :| Failed to build for iOS 

However my ios/Runner contains the GoogleService-Info.plist file.

I have also tried to create environment variables to store this file without success.

I am stuck at this point, so any help is greatly appreciated!

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